Paw Fanatic Pet Care, LLC  
 Your Neighborhood Loving Pet Sitting Service
    Lake Mary, Sanford, Heathrow, Markham Woods, Debary, FL

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Midday Potty Break, Pet Taxi  & More

Paw Fanatic Pet Sitting offering Pet Visits, Pet Overnights & Midday Dog Walker


$18.00/visit (15 minutes)


Additional Pet $5.00/visit

Cats (Attention time, Litter scoop)

This is a quick visit to scoop the kitty litter and give your cat some loving affection.  No feeding  


Pet's Board?   Midday walking for your pet's health!


$20.00 (20-30 minutes)

$25.00 (31-40 minutes)

(1 Large Dog or 2 Small Dogs) Additional Dog $5.00/walk
(Monday - Friday) between 10:30 am and 1:00 pm

A break in the middle of the day is the ultimate gift of love for your pet. Pets can only go so long without needing a potty break.  A midday break of exercise can prevent your dog from boredom, destructive behavior, improve their health, and give you peace of mind.   We do not leave behind any dog waste, we pick up during all walks.   We carry water, too!

Weather Permitting:

*Asphalt gets very hot and can burn your pet's paws. 

*Dogs can easily become dehydrated/overheated in a 

short amount of  time with hot temps and humidity.  

*Thunderstorms can cause fear and anxiety for dogs

As much as we would love to provide this service as requested, we do take the weather conditions seriously for the safety of your pet and our sitters.  There may be times when we will cancel a walk due to extreme weather conditions (heat, lighting).  If a sitter makes the decision to cancel a walk due to weather conditions, you will be notified.  We can take your pet out for a potty break, or give you a credit towards our next walk, we do not offer refunds.  


Key Drop Off/Pick Up                                $5.00

Scheduling outside business hours          $10.00

Last minute booking (within 48 hours)      $10.00

Cancellation Fee (within 48 hours)           $5.00

Cancellation Fee (within 24 hours)           $10.00

Returned Check                                        $25.00

Before/After Hours Visit Request              $15.00/visit

     (1st visit begins at 7:00 am)

     (last visit ends at 9:00 pm)

Excessive Dog accident clean up              $10.00/visit

Diaper Change or Potty Pad pickup          $5.00/visit

Full Kitty Litter Change                              $10.00/visit

Pet Taxi/Errand (over 1 hour)                    $10.00/each 15 min

Overnight Stay (limited/no holidays)          Discussed at Consultation

   (10:00 pm to 6:30 am) 

Got Pets?  Big or small, we love them all!


$20.00/visit (20 to 30 minutes)

$25.00/visit (40 minutes)

(1-2 Dogs or 1-2 Cats) - 

Additional Pet $5.00/visit  

                                                          Fish Feeding Free with visit

Pet Sitting allows you to keep your pets on their normal daily routine. Whether you need a vacation, a weekend away, or your pet needs a break from his caged home; we are here to help customize each visit to your needs.  These visits can include feeding, oral medications, walking, indoor play time, outdoor play time, home security check, mail, trash day, and of course, lots of love and attention.   We will provide you with peace of mind through our visit reports.  



(1 Large Dog or

 2 Small Dogs or 1-2 Cats) 

Additional Pet $10.00
Within a 10 mile radius of your home (up to 1 Hour) 

                 *  Pick up & Deliver Pet Food to your home

                 *  Trip to the Vet (over 1 hour - see below other charges)

                 *  Trip to the Groomer (drop off/pick up)



$25.00  (20 minutes)  

$35.00  (30 minutes)


  (1-2 Dogs or 1-2 Cats) - Additional Pet $5.00/visit  

  Fish Feeding Free with visit

Sorry, we do not offer overnight visits or taxi services on the below Holidays.  The following Holidays all are an up charge (see above rates)  All visits during your holiday vacation will be this rate per visit.   Therefore, not just the holiday will be this charge, but all visits during your holiday vacation will be an up charge.

New Year's Eve  & New Years Day Holiday (all visits)

Easter Sunday

Memorial Day Weekend, Independence Day Holiday (all visits)

& Labor Day Weekend

Thanksgiving Holiday (all visits) & Christmas Holiday (all visits)


No Pets 


(15-20 minutes)

  •  Fetch your mail,newspapers, packages
  •  Open/Close Blinds
  •  Trash in/out
  •  Rotate Lights
  •  Water Plants (not for gardens or major landscaping)
  •  Give you peace of mind to enjoy your vacation